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Generative AI Workshops

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing our approach to work, education, and content creation.

Far from being an elusive concept, AI is now at our fingertips through a multitude of intuitive tools that cater to every demographic, enhancing our efficiency, sparking inspiration, and enriching our experiences.

My workshops and lectures are crafted to democratize these advanced skills, driven by the conviction that understanding AI is essential in today’s world.

I'm Shira, a product leader and AI expert, learn more about me below.

Feel free to contact me to customize these AI-focused offerings to meet the unique needs of your group, whether it's executive training or even  sessions for parents and children, ideal for corporate family days.

Selected Clients & Collaborations

Explore My Workshops and Lectures

Unlocking Your Potential: How AI Tools  Empower Employees

In this lecture combined with a workshop, we will get to know the existing types of tools, dive deeper into the leading tools in various fields (text creation, image generation, etc.), see examples of innovative diverse use cases, and practice together, each in their own areas of expertise, to better understand how these tools can assist us in our daily work. The content will be adapted to the subject matter and level of the group.

Unlocking Innovation at Lightning Speed: Using Gen-AI for Breakthrough Results

The Gen-AI tools available to us today enable us to reach ideas and outputs previously unimaginable, allowing for rapid innovation. In this lecture, we'll dive into the leading tools to drive innovation, learning the right methodologies for ideation, prioritization and idea selection, market research, and breaking concepts into action plans. We'll explore how to quickly generate the necessary outputs to kickoff innovative initiatives, even without a team across marketing, design, product, and technology. Other than innovation, we'll see how these capabilities can significantly assist us in various aspects of our day-to-day work.

Artificial Intelligence, Real Biases:
Examining gender biases in AI

Have you ever wondered why when you ask Midjourney for pictures of drivers, only images of men appear? Or why Siri's default voice is female?

The lecture explores the existence of gender biases in artificial intelligence and how they impact our understanding of reality.

As AI continues to permeate our lives, it's crucial to recognize that it is not always neutral. From Google Translate to cutting-edge generative AI platforms, this lecture will examine the gender biases present in various technologies. Through engaging examples, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the issue and learn about available tools to address and create a more equitable future.

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Revolutionizing Visual Content:
A Hands-On Workshop on AI Tools

The new Gen-AI tools equip each and every one of us to create and modify images for a wide range of applications – from marketing materials and presentations to children's books, and beyond. These tools not only facilitate idea generation but also enhance thought processes and creativity, becoming collaborative partners as we conceive and develop our projects. In this workshop, we'll explore and experience several free and accessible tools. These enable us to generate and edit images for various purposes, offering control over the image's style, the flexibility to alter various parameters, and the ability to tailor content to our specific needs. Additionally, we'll delve into more advanced tools, unveiling their unique capabilities and broadening our horizons in the realm of AI-based visual content creation.

Kids and Parents AI Workshop

Excellent for family activities for employees, team building days, holidays and vacations: a joint parent-child workshop where each participating pair will invent a story together using AI tools and generate stunning accompanying visuals. Participants will learn to use several AI content creation tools, with an emphasis on generating and editing images using free tools.

The workshop is suitable for ages 7 and up. A teen workshop (ages 13+) is also possible without parent accompaniment.

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Shira Weinberg Harel_edited.jpg

I am Shira, a product leader with over 20 years of experience in tech, specializing in artificial intelligence and active in promoting women in the tech world and gender equality. For years, I have led product teams in the field of AI at Microsoft, working on various products from innovation projects to AI solutions in Office365. In the past year I have established a Product Management School, and I also lecture on AI tools. Additionally, I host the podcast “The Product Next Door“ (mostly Hebrew) which explores various product management roles. In the realm of gender equality, I am a co-founder of the LeadWith organization, promoting women in tech.

Interested in additional AI content?

I'd be happy to discuss and tailor the activity to suit your organization's needs and the participants' level.


Feel free to contact me with any questions, requests, or consultation

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